First Southern Baptist Church of Holiday Island

Christmas Gift


​God gave Jesus as a gift to man kind unto salvation, Jesus gave gifts unto men to the benefit of others... the wise men gave baby Jesus three gifts... see how these gifts signify Christ's deity, life, and burial and how that looks in our life. Using Romans ch. 12 to show us the gold, frankincense and myrrh of our life. It is an exciting and fascinating sermon.

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    Biblical Messages from our Pastor

          The Will of God

          by Joe Heintzelman

          Pastor Joe shares what it means to know and walk in the will of God.  What is the will of God for your life? Watch this video to hear God's Word on the matter.  

          A Break from Tradition

          By Joe Heintzelman

          The traditions of men have helped to corrupt the church and our relationship with God.  Hear Joe preach a message on how to be free in your life with God.